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Antique Stuart Crystal Earrings


Details: These highly collectable earrings feature two square rose-hued Stuart Crystals, set in closed rounded backs of sterling silver with 15k gold, back to front ear wires. Each rock crystal is flat topped but faceted giving a shadow box affect and magnifying the gold wire cypher encased in the center. Pink foil is set behind the crystal to reflect light and amplify the rosy color. 

The mystique of these crystals is embedded in the history of English royalty. Stuart Crystal jewelry was originally made and worn to subtly commemorate support of the beheaded King Charles I and his Royalist party during the time of Lord Commander, Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentarian rule. Over time the term, Stuart Crystal, continued to be applied to rock crystal jewelry of this style. 

Measurements: The total length of the earrings is 3/8". The square crystal is 7/16" wide.

Origin: English, time period approximated to be circa early 1700’s. 

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