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Antique Georgian Table Cut Diamond Cluster Ring

Details: Very rare and lovely, this spectacular Georgian-era diamond cluster ring has a wonderfully mysterious and romantic air about it. The ring features twenty-one table cut diamonds set in sterling silver across a circular surface with a 15k gold band. This is a highly unusual and collectable piece. 

A table cut diamond is so named for the simple fact that the top is flat, like a table. Each of the four sides has a simple facet similar to a bevel. An early diamond cut started in the 16th century, the table cut was completely hand done and no two stones were alike. The imperfections and silver mirror-like quality to these cuts continue to captivate the admirers of these old diamonds to this day. 

Measurements: The ring size is a size 7.5. The face of the ring measures 5/8" in diameter. The ring is believed to contain about 2 carats total weight in diamonds. In order to preserve the original condition of the ring, stones have not been removed from their setting and diamond weights have been estimated. 

Condition and Care: This beautiful ring is in good antique condition with age appropriate wear. Georgian diamond jewelry was designed to reflect candlelight. The ring settings were enclosed and contain foil behind the stones that can rust with prolonged submersion in water. As with any antique piece that is almost 200 years old, please wear this ring with care and remove it when showering or performing heavy labor.

Notes: Due to the structure of this piece, this ring can only be sized up within a range. If you'd like to have this ring sized, please indicate the size in the "Special Instructions" box at checkout and allow minimum 3 weeks for sizing and delivery. We will contact you with further details. 


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