fall beauty no.3

Antique Victorian Wide Buckle Motif Bangle Bracelet

Gabriella Kiss 18k Diamond Shaped Small Emerald Ring, Gabriella Kiss 18k Dark Blue Star Sapphire Ring, Gillian Conroy 18k Yellow Gold Brushed 3mm Band, Gabriella Kiss 18k Gold Oval Faceted Tourmaline Ring, Variance Objects Rosecut Grey Diamond Ring (middle), Gabriella Kiss 18k 1.31ct Brown Slab Diamond Ring (index).

Antique Turquoise Dome Ring (index),  Louison Fine 14k Eternal Snake Ring with Ruby Eyes (middle),  Antique Victorian Turquoise & Diamond Half Hoop Ring, Gabriella Kiss 18k Eye with Tear Ring Inscribed with "Nil Nisi Cruce", Gillian Conroy 18k Rosecut Pear Black Diamond Ring (ring finger).

Variance Objects Double Drop Citrine Earrings

Gabriella Kiss 14k and Bronze Single Clipper Ship Earring with Sapphires

Photography by Rebecca Goldschmidt. Model, Katie Chavez. 

Closed sweater available at The Podolls and vintage YSL knit trousers available at Ver Unica.