At Metier we believe strongly in offering jewelry that is environmentally responsible. We source and support finely made, well-cared for pieces and quality gemstones that offer sustainability on many levels.

At the center of our business is our antique (100 years or older) jewelry collection.  Antique jewelry was produced in small batches by skilled craftsmen before the introduction of mass scale mining and production. Huge earth displacement, heavy usage of chemicals and water, and exploitation of labor were not in place yet. Mining techniques were rudimentary and the focus was on design and celebrating the beauty in the imperfect. 

We use these same principles and apply them to our modern collections. We focus on buying from designers who produce their jewelry in small runs, in-studio, and use repurposed gold and gemstones. We also resell and refurbished modern estate jewelry giving pieces second and third lives. Reusing precious metals and jewels naturally reduces the demand for newly mined materials, reduces damage to the earth and requires less energy usage.