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We require 50% down or more to place a special order. Special orders take between 3-10 weeks depending on the designer. Custom pieces are final sale. 


Gift certificates can be ordered on the site or requested in any amount and used in store or online. Please let us know if you require gift wrap and provide us with the giver and the receiver's names. 


Resizings are determined on an individual basis and are dependent on ring style, size requested, gold karat, age of ring and hallmark placement. Certain ring styles can't be sized at all or can only be sized within a certain range. 

Our jeweler does an excellent job with antique sizings and will work around hallmarks and engraving, match unusual gold colors and do their best to maintain the integrity and patina of the piece. Our modern jewelers all do their own sizings and in most cases we send the jewelry to them to be sized. 

Many of our modern bands will be ordered to a specific size rather than sized. We recommend waiting to size gifts until after they are given. Sizing generally runs between $50-$100 and takes about 3 weeks. We will contact you with the details. 


We have a local hand engraver who does this work for us. Engraving takes between 2-4 weeks and costs $10 a letter or number for simple block, Roman or script fonts.  More elaborate engraving, complicated drawings or crests costs will be determined on an individual basis. 


Fine jewelry, antique or modern, should be worn gently.  We recommend removing your jewelry while working out, gardening, bathing or other high exertion activities. Jewelry should be kept in individual pouches or drawers so as not to tangle or rub against each other. We recommend a small dish near your sink to hold your rings when washing your hands or doing dishes. 

Jewelry with closed back gemstones should not be submerged in water. Moisture can get behind the gemstones and discolor the metal. Additionally pearls, turquoise, opals, coral and other porous gemstones should not be worn in water. Clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth. 

A simple soak in a small dish filled with a teaspoon of vinegar or gentle detergent and warm water and a very light brushing with a soft old tooth brush will help to keep diamonds, gemstones and chains clean and filigree work from collecting dirt. Use a soft cloth to dry. 

Yearly maintenance is important. Take your rings into the jeweler to check settings, confirm that your stones are secure and that your pieces are in good condition for frequent wear. Make sure that your jeweler takes care not to over-polish your antique jewelry, it took decades for the patina to develop and you want to maintain that integrity. 


At this time we don't offer layaways or discounts. Our prices are very fair and in line  with current jewelry markets.