Our Selection Process

Metier offers a thoughtfully curated selection of antique and modern jewelry, objects and art.  We come from years in the fashion industry and have been collecting, buying and selling jewelry, both antique and new, for 30+ years. 

We stand behind every piece we sell. Our designers share their creative processes and techniques through us. We tell their stories - relating the fine details of each piece and their inspirations behind pieces or collections. 

We are also incredibly passionate about antique and vintage jewelry. We adore the history and the singular craftsmanship, the sentimentality and the beauty of these pieces.

We determine the age and value of each piece based on our extensive knowledge, our dealers collective experiences and our continued research and education. We accurately describe the quality, uniqueness and condition based on era, design, and gemstone assessments. Antique pieces are often one hundred or more years old and the age and patina of a piece is part of the allure. Rarely do we know the original owners of a particular piece but imagining the storied histories draws us in every time.  

We hope the jewelry we sell will continue to be passed down and treasured  between families and loved ones. These pieces evoke emotion, reside in our hearts and often become more beautiful and appreciated with age.