spring feels

This spring we're feeling a little moody, a little bold, more mysterious overall. Pearlescent moonstones, splashes of bright yellow gold, sienna-hued diamonds and lush emeralds share the field. The days are getting longer, leaving us with a few more sun-filled hours of daylight—we couldn't be happier. Read on for some of our most coveted pieces, layered up, shadows and all.

Marla Aaron Mega Curb Link Bracelet and Regular Lock. Info on rings below.

(left): Index & pinky rings: Kathleen Whitaker. Ring finger: Gillian Conroy 18k Gold Bands -in shop. Middle: Gillian Conroy 18k Black Diamond Ring-in shop,  Gabriella Kiss Moonstone Ring, Antique Knot Ring-in shop. (right) Antique Arts & Crafts Silver bangle bracelet.

Ring finger: Gabriella Kiss 18k Eye Ring, Variance Objects Aquamarine Ring-in shop. Middle: Antique 22k Gold Band-in shop. Index: Antique Moss Agate Ring-in shop. Gillian Conroy 18k Oval Emerald Ring.

Hat: Ryan Roche. Ceramics: Adrianne George-in shop.  Framed photo: Paul Tsang-in shop. 

On right arm: Antique Buckle Bracelet. Index: B.C.E. Australian Opal & Diamond Ring. Middle: B.C.E. Boulder Opal Ring-in shop, Rebecca Overmann 14k Red Rosecut Diamond Ring. Antique Snake Ring-in shop. Ring finger: Antique Victorian Pink Sapphire Band-in shop, Antique Single Set Diamond Ring-in shop. Pinky: Gabriella Kiss Mauve Emerald-Cut Ring. On left arm: Antique Rolled Stripe Bangle-in shop, Victorian Gutta Percha Cuff-in shop, Retro Link Bracelet-in shop. Pinky: Kathleen Whitaker Ring. Ring finger: Gabriella Kiss 18k Eye Ring, Antique Turquoise Dome Ring. Middle: Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring, Gabriella Kiss 18k Garnet Ring. Index: Rebecca Overmann Diamond Pave Band. Antique Diamond Buckle Ring, Gillian Conroy 18k Black Diamond Ring-in shop.