the bright side

We’re welcoming summer sunshine with good vibes and vibrant jewels. Think bold turquoise, pearlescent opals, gleaming diamonds, and statement gems aplenty. Chain, rope, and buckle details are catching our attention too. As always, layering speaks volumes, be it a triple bracelet pile-up or thoughtfully stacked rings decorating every finger on the hand. There’s beauty to be found in bold and delicate touches alike. Read on for some visual inspiration from our latest shoot. 

Hand (left to right): Gabriella Kiss Eye with Tear Ring, Gabriella Kiss Spessartite Garnet Ring, B.C.E. Varascite and Diamond Ring, Gabriella Kiss Moonstone Ring, Antique Diamond Cluster Ring, Antique Belcher Set Diamond Ring

Wrist (left to right): Antique Rope Bangle, Antique Carved Onyx Bracelet (sold), Antique Buckle Bangle
Clutch: Shawn Burke Suede Clutch

Wrist (left to right): Antique Buckle Bangle, Antique Carved Onyx Bracelet (sold), Antique Rope Bangle

Hand (left to right): Antique Diamond Snake Ring, Gabriella Kiss Inscribed Band Ring, Antique Triple Garnet and Diamond Ring (sold), Antique Coral Ring (sold)